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Forex Black Book Download Page
And Best Practices

Forex Black Book Installer
Download link:
Forex Black Book click here
You may have to disable your Anti Virus software in order to download the Installer. It is safe and will not harm your computer. Additionally, if you landed on this page without registering a username and password you will have to register here before the software will work on your computer.

  1. 1.
    Blake says:

    I noticed on your tape of the live trade above at about minute 13:30 that there was a trade that didn’t work but you didn’t address it. Can you look at it and email me back as to if I am missing something or if that was just a trade that lost (and how much did you lose?)

    Reply by admin

    There are few things to be said about failed trades. The first thing to be said is THEY WILL HAPPEN. This is not a holy grail pie in the sky type of strategy. That being said, the reason I wanted to get the software into your hands is so you can look at it historically for yourself and see the overall profitably that you could experience (both wins and losses). You will find that the Black Book Software will pick up almost every major turn in the market. You will get a few false signals but they have been greatly reduced through filters and are easily managed with very tight stops. Also, I do not recommend blindly entering every signal. You will want to watch the trade demonstration video for further instructions on implementation so that you can better understand when to take a signal and when to pass one by.

  2. 2.
    Blake says:

    do i need metatrader on my computer to download? I use ninja trader.

    Reply by admin

    Blake, currently the software only works on Metatrader but folks who use Ninja can download an MT4 demo, run the software and copy the trades onto their Ninja platform.

  3. 3.
    vladimir says:

    I like it. As a beginner it opens my eyes I think. I will re-watch this video of course few times at least to learn it better. I notice the candle patterns already where arrows show.

  4. 4.
    Richard Agostini says:

    Very interesting, trades on longer time frames than I usually do.
    I trade mainly 1 hr,& 30 mins. This system looks good. Hopefully I can use it on shorter time frames.I work full time and cannot check up on trades for most of the day.I want profit. Yes I know I will lose on occcasion, I need to increase my ‘hit rate’

  5. 5.
    chris says:

    what are the yellow arrows for

    Reply by admin

    Yellow arrows are signal that should be take with caution. If I do enter on a yellow I enter with 2 units instead of 4. They are also good confirmation of continuation.

  6. 6.
    chris says:

    can you use shorter time frames as i work during the day

    Reply by admin

    Chris, this software is designed to be used on the 4hour chart only.

  7. 7.
    Joe says:

    I do’nt believe I have the account for this, so thank you. But I would like to see this for stocks and opsions. Thank You for letting me see this

  8. 8.
    Somebody says:

    Firstly, when I tried several times to activate a template my whole MT terminal got frozen. Secondly, I think its a good product but definitely needs to be using daily charts not 4h. And if it is going to continue with 4h anyway then some sort of pop up alert would be nice

    Reply by admin

    When you first load it, it may freeze for a few seconds. Depending on your computer it could be up to 15 seconds. The first time you activate the software it is calculating a lot of data. Once you get it set up you should not experience this anymore. Just give it some time to run its algorithm and then it will free up.

  9. 9.
    Roy Brazell says:

    I am trying to install, but it wants a username and password. where do I get that.

    Reply by admin

    Just below the video there is a link. It says if you landed on this page without registering a password you can register one here. Go to that page and register. If you clicked to this page from an email then your username and password are in the email you received.

  10. 10.
    Mulajibhai says:

    A very good method those who have patient i.e. not for scalpint. I like.

  11. 11.
    Roy says:

    Thanks for the software I am looking forward to trialling it initially on my demo account.

    I have run through the video but cannot find an explanation of what the yellow arrow signals. Could you explain please?

    Reply by admin

    Roy, the yellow arrows are a buy/sell with “caution”

  12. 12.
    william says:

    So far it looks encouraging

  13. 13.
    Tarek says:

    Hi Dustin,
    Thanks for the presentation.
    I found several sell signals with the red bar exist but the price is going up, and vice versa there are green arrows with green bar but the price goes down, how can you filter those false signals? bearing in mind that this is a 4 H chart and the stop loss range is very big.
    I appreciate your response.

  14. 14.
    Mario R. says:

    Can you explain to me what does mean when you get a yellow arrow?

    Does it mean go or wait a while ?

  15. 15.
    Mario R. says:

    Do you use this strategy with other indicators like Support & Resistance, trendlines and Fibonacci ?

  16. 16.
    Mario R. says:

    As per your experience, what’s your winning rate using this strategy?

  17. 17.
    julian says:

    Just went to download the software when norton said it was a high threat.
    what a shame, the program looked good.

    Reply by admin

    Just under the download it says that “you must disable your antivirus”. If you look beyond the warning to see what the warning is you will find that its simply an unknown file. Meaning its new and Norton does not know what it is so it automatically deletes it. It is safe, we have been doing this for many years and I have know desire to damage anyone’s computer. :)

  18. 18.
    timmy says:

    after downloading i cant go beyond the next button, the next button is not working please whats wrong

    Reply by admin

    It means you have your dealing station open. You need to close all your dealing stations before running the installer.

    Reply by timmy

    but they are all closed whats wrong, have redownloaded about three times

  19. 19.
    al says:

    I have a mac book air.How can I do ?

    Reply by admin

    Al, you can run a parallels program or bootcamp, but need MT4 to run the FBB software.

  20. 20.
    ralph says:

    i use trade station. will it load on TS?

    Reply by admin

    No it is for MT4 but MT4 is free so you can always download a free copy from www.worldprofx.com and do your analysis on there and enter the trades on any platform you like.

  21. 21.
    John says:

    Just got this loaded up so too early to give an opinion, but the video was informative, seems to show good trends and trades, and I like the fact this isn’t a scalping system.

  22. 22.
    kishin says:

    downloaded the software only the bars are displayed no red or green trend or even the arrows

    Reply by admin

    Make sure you have cycled to the week chart then pull up the 4hr and look at it there

  23. 23.
    Chris P says:

    Thanks Dustin.
    A very interesting video which looks to be quite accurate.
    Cannot wait to test it.
    Do you use trailing stops in this strategy?

    Regards CP

    Reply by admin

    I move to break even once the first level is struck and then normally wont chase it until we break above level three or four

  24. 24.
    Dennis says:

    I found it very interesting. The video gave a good explanation on how it works. I will be testing it out on a demo account. I’ll let you know how it works out.

  25. 25.
    Ed Epstein says:

    Looks and sounds great, am anxious to get it going, ready any time

  26. 26.
    Doris says:

    Video of this software looks easy to use and sounds promising. I look forward to this trial. Thanks Dustin for the trial.

  27. 27.
    Ed Epstein says:

    got it downloaded and charts set up, showing arrows but no red or green in the trending area below, cycled to weekly but it doesn’t do anything, just says “waiting for update” but update never happens, I guess it could take a while, but a half hour? Is that normal? Even though the arrows appear on the chart the dates aren’t current, its from May and June

    Reply by admin

    Ed, it only works on 4hr chart…make sure you keep it on there.

  28. 28.
    Crispian says:

    This looks good. I’m keen to try, I just hope I can download it properly

  29. 29.
    timmy says:

    must the red or green arrow appear during the red or blue or b4 it

  30. 30.
    david says:

    Is this software limited to currency pairs or will it perform well on gold and silver pairs?

    Reply by admin

    David, works with gold and silver also.

  31. 31.
    Andrew says:

    Hi Dustin thanks for indicator and willingness to help others.
    look fwd to trade this and gain confidence.
    regards Andrew

  32. 32.
    Robert says:

    Wow, sounds pretty good!
    Would like to start following…the system soon…

    Thank you for wonderful one…
    Looking forward to get great results..

  33. 33.
    Albert says:

    Thank For shareing How To trade FOREX THE RIGHT wAY

  34. 34.
    john says:

    Just installed the system and at first viewing it appears to be a very robust approach to trading and suits my style well as I like to take longer term trades whilst at the same time scalp 30min bars using market profile metrhods. If I scalp only in the same direction as the signals the this approach seems to be a real winner.

  35. 35.
    olusesi olumide says:

    This is the first time I we see this called FX like this.

  36. 36.
    Math says:

    Can this software run on Ninja trader? or Trade station instead of Metatrader. Math

    Reply by admin

    Math, it only works on MT4, but you can run a demo MT4 and copy the trades onto your system.

  37. 37.
    kesturkoppal says:

    it sounds easy and simple

  38. 38.
    samuel ayanlere says:

    thanks dustin, do the indicators repaint?

    Reply by admin

    No they do not repaint. If they did you would not see the losing arrows that show up occasionally. :) What you see is what you get.

  39. 39.
    scott says:

    It will be good if it works:~)

  40. 40.
    Tola says:

    I don’t see anything spectacular about this EA. It isn’t different from other buy/sell arrow indicators. In one instance, there are three false signals in a row. I am pretty sure you are not using this on your own live account.

    Downloaded it but have even removed it from a demo I attached it to. Having watched the video, I saw no justification for its trial.

    I appreciate the offer anyway. Regards

  41. 41.
    steve says:

    I use tradestation – is this compatible with tradestation?

    can this be used for other things beyond forex, such as futures, e-mini S&P?

    Reply by admin

    It is designed for Forex and has not been tested in other markets. It is not set up for tradestation however you can get a free demo of meta trader from www.worldprofx.com

  42. 42.
    Vlad says:

    Trading fantastic!!!!!!!!!! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!

  43. 43.
    KEITH HUNTER says:

    Watched the videos Seems like the “REAL THING” and fairly simple to understand
    Thank you Dustin

  44. 44.
    nizam says:

    where do i find the metatrader folder into which to install the software?

    Reply by admin

    You just run the installer and it will find and install for you. If you are no using meta trader you will need to download a demo account. You can do that for free from www.worldprofx.com

  45. 45.
    John Tardogno says:

    Maybe you answered this but I’m not sure do I go on the appearence of the arrow or close of the bar – my get tells me on the close but wanted to check – thank you for this opportunity

    Reply by admin

    You will go on the appearance of the arrow.

  46. 46.
    Lindsay Evans says:

    Thank you Dustin,
    For a while now I have been trading on the 4hr charts so I was very glad to see this program come up.
    I will let you know how I go with it

  47. 47.
    Okoli says:

    does one need to match the green or red bar below with the corresponding arrow or do we go in even if for instance the bar is red but the arrow is green?

    Reply by admin

    They need to match

    Reply by Okoli

    Thanks admin, there are many arrows not corresponding with the bar but they seem to point to the very right direction afterall.

  48. 48.
    John T says:

    I can’t count the amount of “Stuff and nonsense” that comes to my inbox but like every other crazy FX nut I check most of them out. I have just installed your software/indicator and after having an initial look I am impressed with the way that the arrows have stayed true to your comments in the video. Thanks for an informative, clearly expressed and “to the point” video. I am going to try it out on micros for a while and see how we go.

  49. 49.
    Ron says:

    I have the program loaded. What are the recommended pairs to use with this indicator?

    Reply by admin

    It works with anything but I would stay away from anything that has a small daily range or moves very slow like the EURGBP for instance.

  50. 50.
    admin says:

    Make sure you pull up a week chart temporarily and then go to a 4 hour. You must also input your username and password. If you do not login first it will not display any colors or arrows.

  51. 51.
    Steve Harlow says:

    Thanks, Justin for the easy presentation. It was good to see that it does not make 500 pips a trade – we need to be patient and work with what the market gives us. Your last quick note about coordinating the time with your server was confusing, so I’ll have to watch the video again.
    Thanks again for a good, simple system.

  52. 52.
    Frank says:

    Many thanks for assistance., will set up demo and see how it works again thanks

  53. 53.
    Amador says:

    Very intersting. I can see how it could help my self in acheiving
    my goal.It just looks awesome Thanks Dustin.

  54. 54.
    Anthony says:

    Hi Dustin,

    I trust your products just like oracle trader. There is no doubt about
    FXBB. I love it on 4hr TF. With addition of western indicator, i get nice confirmation.

  55. 55.
    Peter Rando says:

    This was very interesting…..I am looking for something like this and will be checking your product out, I was very pleased on how easy the strategy seemed to work. thanks

  56. 56.
    AD says:

    Very nice video presentation and very useful. Now to see if the program really works. Will let you know.

    Thanks for the knowledge. Great job !


  57. 57.
    Don Smith says:

    Good job on the video. I do like the thought of trading the wider swings with a smaller lot size since I’m just beginning my learning curve in trade the FX. I have traded credit spreads on the stock indexes and ETF’s for the last 3 years and have done well. My time frame is to hold a position several weeks. As I begin the process of learning to trade the FX, trading of a 1 and 5 minute chart forces me to be “glued” to my computer which does not appeal to me, even though I do place my stop loss and my target price levels. Being able to trade the FX over a long time frame does appeal to me so long as there is an effective way of managing my positions.

  58. 58.
    melville bell says:

    looks good

  59. 59.
    Danilo Perez says:

    It was a very well presented trading strategy video. I got encouraged to try forex trading once again.
    Thank you very much.

  60. 60.
    Bobb Seufert says:

    I am excited to see this in action.

  61. 61.
    timmy says:

    Assuming the red arrow shows then after 4 candles it now shows the red band can i still enter immediately. or must i enter when the band is already red and then appears the arrow.

  62. 62.
    Marius says:

    Anxious to try this. Very impressed. Will let you know the outcome

  63. 63.
    Durdant says:

    I submitted for FREE software down load.
    I did not get any response from your end.
    Please send me the link to allow me to download the FREE software.

    Reply by admin

    The download link is just below the video on this page. You should have received your user info in the same email you clicked to access this page.

  64. 64.
    VR says:

    Thank you for sharing the software.

    Had a quick glance at the set-up, and it looks very interesting. Will need to watch the videos couple of times and test the software on life charts though.

    Really hoping this software will help a novice like me to focus on potential trades.

    Thank you.

  65. 65.
    Richard Fisher says:

    I’d like some more information on how the ‘trading with four units’ works. I have not seen that before, or how you can take out one or more units to protect your profits. It seems like an excellent way to manage your trades. You make it clear how it works, but I don’t understand it.

  66. 66.
    Lucky says:

    Look very interesting. Looking forward to see the result. Thanks for sharing with us.

  67. 67.
    John Tardogno says:

    Working well as far as I can see – pop up or audible alerts would be nice as I tend to watch many pairs

  68. 68.
    syed says:

    Yessss! Your system works! 3 wins out of 3 trades and still counting. Thats on my very first day of trial! Thank you.

  69. 69.
    Anthony says:

    Hi Dustin,

    Fresh day. I went back to watch your video and right now i am brimming with confidence. Long Signals on EURJPY and GBPJPY. I’m in the trades.

    I learnt new stuff from you on how to manage positions. Never heard of that before. YOu were eating out trade volumes from your open position. That was wonderful.

    Lastly, is this software FREE FOREVER or do we have to pay at sometime?

  70. 70.
    andy says:


  71. 71.
    Steve says:

    Hi, I like the look of this. Nice and simple with a high percentage of winning trades.

    The question I have is how many pc’s can the licence be used on. I have a laptop at home, and one I carry to work. At times, I also use a tablet on the same account. Will I be able to use the software on both laptops and tablet running on the same MT4 account, or will it be restricted to 1 pc only?


    Reply by admin

    You can use it on as many as you like however you can only be logged in to one at a time.

  72. 72.
    rob says:

    KISS…and that’s what you did here…looks like a winner.

  73. 73.
    Ray says:

    Working like a charm! Can be darn near 100% if you know how to reconfirm the signals. I started 26 hours ago with a balance of $871.00 It’s currently at $1,354.00 and growing. I cashed out $243.00 overnight, and currently in 2 trades that are up $340.00.

    Does this stay free? or is there a monthly fee coming?

    Thanks again..

    Reply by Giorgos

    Hi Ray,

    What do you use to reconfirm the signals?

    Please reply me via my e mail.


  74. 74.
    Don (GJ) says:

    The indicator looks very practical and with lots of filtering of noise have taken place. The best thing is that no repainting of candles are taken place.

    Good on you.


  75. 75.
    Brad says:

    Can I use FXCM platform for your charting.

  76. 76.
    mmeleni says:

    What is the meaning of the yellow arrow.

    Reply by admin

    The yellow arrows mean buy/sell with caution.

  77. 77.
    CHUCK says:


    Reply by admin

    Under the video there is instructions on how to register for the software and the download is also below the video.

  78. 78.
    Uttam says:

    Ihave downloaded Forex Black book successfully & operating
    Very excellent

  79. 79.
    Jimmy says:

    Downloaded successfully and looking forward to next week’s signals.

  80. 80.
    bhadra says:

    Very very impressive softwear.keep good work

  81. 81.
    Frank says:

    I have watched the video, made notes to make sure that I do the right thing. I loaded the software with no problem and walla, everything looked good. The software looks good and easy to use, have not done any deals yet, will try it during the next week. Thanks for your your generosity. Even if it produces 60% and more wins, then it is definitely worth it. Thanks.

  82. 82.
    ingvar says:

    I like the principle.

  83. 83.
    laszlo says:


    Reply by admin


  84. 84.
    Mark says:

    I downloaded installed and registered as directed but all I can see on my screen is the take profit bars

    Reply by admin

    Mark, make sure you are on 4hr chart.

  85. 85.
    ron says:

    What is the yellow arrow?

    Reply by admin

    Ron, yellow arrow means buy/sell with caution.

  86. 86.
    carlos says:

    hello dustin,
    i just downloaded ur software, and i cannot wait to try it out on monday.


  87. 87.
    samuel says:

    just installed the software and it looks gr8.

  88. 88.
    vasant says:

    Very interesting indicator.Let us see how it performs in future.

  89. 89.
    Rudy says:

    looks very good I do see some losses for instance the first green arrow in the most recent buy trend with eurusd but if following the sl rules would have lost about 100 pips and then on the next buy arrow would have made it back + huge.
    Will the final product have a email alert?
    When is the product release date?

  90. 90.
    Dvd says:

    Good video! Thanks for knowledge.

  91. 91.
    George Minehart says:

    Sounds exciting

  92. 92.
    Tom says:

    fantastic so far. I would certainly like to know more about this system

  93. 93.
    Tom York says:

    You didn’t define what the yellow arrows are

    Reply by admin

    Tom, yellow arrows mean buy/sell with caution.

  94. 94.
    Jeff says:

    Great presentation!!…Real time Real world trades Blew me away with your results!!! Absolutely,Awestruck!!!Thank you Thank you Thank you!!Can’t wait to slay the markets next week!!Again Awesome product!!

  95. 95.
    Hawlee says:

    Dustin, great system, as with all your affiliations. I’ve a couple questions. I follow the 4 hour on 20 pairs, so the time frame of FxBB was natural for me. Are there plans to automate entry & exit points ?
    Secondly, since this is not an EA, there is no need to leave my system running. When I boot back up & MT4 loads, will FxBB load correctly ? (i.e. will I need to hit weekly, then back to 4hr)
    Finally, does the software include an option for audible trade signals & or mobile / email alerts ?
    Thanks & blessed trading to you.

    Reply by admin

    Hawlee, thanks for your questions.

    1) There are no current plans to automate entry and exit points

    2) Since the trades are typically long term trades, you don’t need to keep your computer on to trade FXBB. When you log back into your platform, the authentication box will appear and you just hit “ok”. Username and pw will pass through.

    3) The full version includes a TradeFinder service that alerts you of arrows that appear.



  96. 96.
    Hans says:

    Do u recommend to use the EUR/USD pair for a beginner with FxBB but not a beginner in forex?

    Reply by admin

    Hans, we’ve had great success trading the EUR/USD.

    Reply by Hans


  97. 97.
    Tal says:


    i own 5 forex signals sites. and this program is great.
    i use it to send signals to our subscribers.
    its make my life easy
    and my subscribers just love it

  98. 98.
    Paul says:

    Very interesting – what is the yellow indicator for?

    Reply by admin

    The yellow Arrow can be used the same as the red and green however it is a cautionary arrow. That being said I reduce my trade size by half if I ever take one of them. So instead of 4 units I use 2 units.

  99. 99.
    Chris says:

    Your Green Red indicator looks like something I seen around before, is this something new you created your self or is it the one found on internet? if it’s new do you mind to explain how it’s calculated and what is the idead behind it? also, your Targets? are they fibonacci levels or what are they? Thanks

    Reply by admin

    Hello Chris, arrows are a common way to give an indication of when to enter a trade. The strategy behind it is very unique. As far as divulging the method behind it I have opted not to. This is my discretionary strategy coded so that others can follow it without me giving up the secret sauce so to speak.

  100. 100.
    Rufinus says:

    Thanks for your kindness to share this system, but I have some questions. Sometimes the red arrow occur in the green area signal other oppositely. Which signal could I follow?

    Reply by admin

    Only follow the arrows when they are in line with the band at the bottom.

  101. 101.
    Jadish says:

    It looks interesting, I loaded it & I found a signal in Au/Us just starting & all the yen pairs have already exausted. Anyway let me trade & see its purformance. I feel it is agood indicator to trade as it works on any pair. How about gold? will it work on gold?

    Reply by admin

    I have not used it on gold so I have no testing to back up any type of hypothisis. That being said, you can try it but I would stick to demo until you see it working long term. It was developed around currencies only but in theory the logic of the strategy could be tied to other instruments. The only major change that may need to be considered is the targets.

  102. 102.
    Chris. Russell says:

    Have just watched your video and downloaded the software. I truly like what I have seen so far. The whole package would appear to be factual and true. I especially liked the statement that the arrow signifying the direction to trade starts at the commencement of a candle and not at its conclusion. I shall be giving this package a trial and report back my experiences later. Many thanks for the opportunity to trial this software.

  103. 103.
    LK says:

    Hi Dustin,

    This looks promising and the strategy/methodology sounds logical.

    I was trading shorter time frame with very poor result. One of the main reasons was the spread. Avg target pips was abt 10 pips and if the spread is 2pips, it is as good as doing business with 20% operating expenses. It took me sometime to realise this. Recently, I have decided to explore H4 and above as this will not only reduce the operating expenses significantly but also required lesser time/ stress. Although this may be very dull, we are trading FX as a business and not gambling. We have to have patient and discipline to be successful in our business. Your BB just come in time. I will try out and share my result here in a few weeks time. I have a few questions here:
    (1) Does it matter on the broker we use? Clearly, difference brokers will have have difference starting time for H4. I am using Alpari UK, is the H4 coincide with yours?
    (2) Do you recommend only trading this durinng the whole London session and first half of US session only as these are the active sessions?
    (3) Do we avoid Monday and Friday as these are less active?
    (4) Do we avoid high impact news?
    (5) Do you recommend trailing stop loss after we have hit the first target and moved to breakeven eg: if we continue to hit 2nd target, we move SL further up to first target (i.e. support becomes resistance or vice versa)
    (6) You mentioned average daily range, how do we go abt calculating this? Is there a quick way in getting this info?

    That’s all for now.

    Truly appreciate your efforts!

    Reply by admin

    Hello LK, You can trade on any broker however I suggest you run the indicator on a firm where the new 4 hour candle forms at 9am est. I use worldprofx personally. This start time will also avoid any major news events. In all honest news doesn’t tend to affect this strategy much anyway due to its longer term style. You can trade this during any session however I take extreme caution in the Asia session due to the small range we normally see. No issues with trade Mondays and Fridays. I normally move my stop to breakeven after the first target is stuck then I normally leave it alone unless I approach obvious strong support or resistance on the week chart. Make sure you watch the trade demonstration video and attend our training webinar for a broader explanation of its use and some more live examples. As far as average daily range goes you can just take a quick look at a pair and see if it moves a little or a lot on a daily basis. This part is not a science. I really just want to make sure you are trading a pair that is going to move and not just sit around. The more it sits around the more likely you are to let your emotions creep in and just manually close before it hits a target. It also will increase the amount of time it takes to hit your first target which means the amount of time you are exposed ie have not moved your stop to break even will be increased.

  104. 104.
    Mohammed says:


  105. 105.
    moneygrows says:

    is this an indicator?

    Reply by admin

    Yes it is an indicator

  106. 106.
    idi says:

    thanks dustin…

  107. 107.
    rob says:


    I have myself developed a winning strategy but this is so simple its got to be a winner with any one who knows the difficulty traders have in sifting through pairs to find high proble trades.


  108. 108.
    Adedara Oluwole says:

    i will happy to trade with you

  109. 109.
    Thorsten says:

    Finally a software that gives you selected signals in the context of the overall trend. You can identify the moving areas and the consolidation areas.

    This looks great, I will work with this.

  110. 110.
    Mark says:

    Hi Dustin,
    Thanks for your FXBB software and strategy. Your presentation was excellent and I loved the details and description you included.

    I can see that you have a great understanding of the market and I’m very much looking forward to testing the strategies and hearing more from you.

    Many thanks for all your hard work and efforts to bring this system out.

    Best Wishes,

    Bournemouth, UK

  111. 111.
    Dr. Edward says:

    Forex black book seems to be good on the video. It is nice for the people like me who are new to the trading. I can judge only after I try on my demo.

  112. 112.
    Brett says:

    Great video.Cant wait to get started

  113. 113.
    David says:

    I have just downloaded and install the program, it went well.

    This trades on a longer time frame than I am used to so I will paper trade it for a while, thank you very much

  114. 114.
    marc says:


  115. 115.
    ashok manikoth says:

    looks great

  116. 116.
    Tony says:

    Having dabbled for years in forex I had quite recently realised that the longer time frames are the way to go. Your system really underlines my theory and I am looking forward to trying it out.
    Could you tell me what pairs you suggest please.

  117. 117.
    peter says:

    Clear and concise instruction.I like your simple format and color indicator.I am looking for consistance over long priod of time,on shorter time charts as well.Thank you, best regards.

  118. 118.
    John Langhout says:

    Just downloaded Forex Black Book. Would like to say how easy it was to download and install. My charts look just like your charts. I am demo the system, with high hopes. Really looks good.

  119. 119.
    Rod Alexander says:

    Seems very simple & user friendly.
    Can’t wait ti see it in action.
    Will trail in Sim mode first.
    Will forward my end results to you.

  120. 120.
    Narendra says:

    Good info, I’ll download and try
    Thanks for sharing

  121. 121.
    Michael says:

    Great indicator its works for me with your explanation and some filter indicator I’m making pips now on demo copy the signal to my live account making pips both on demo and live account you are doing great sir. Thanks

  122. 122.
    donald cordrey says:

    Dustin, looks simple and to the point.however, i use fxcm and metatrader.thanks.

  123. 123.
    aees says:

    so far it look good and the history also acceptable may be if we use support and resistance and there are a lot of indecators to fullfil that we can filter the false signles I will try it in demo and see the results see you in a month.

  124. 124.
    Sandi says:

    I think this lookjs like a good indicator. Looking forward to trying it out. Thank you for this opportunity.

  125. 125.
    moses says:

    it appears to be one of the best software i ever come across

  126. 126.
    S.S.Subramaniam says:

    For first time I have seen someone give something useful for free. Most of the time we get Gurus who are out to fleece us only. Congrats and keep it up.

  127. 127.
    Omri Hadari says:


    This looks very much in order and logical.
    What are the yellow arrow signaling?
    I shall also ask the support.

    Omri Hadari

  128. 128.
    Imeobong Inyangmme says:

    This is an eye opener. keep it up and thanks.l

  129. 129.
    Kagiso says:

    Hi Dustin

    I have been following the release of the FBB and I must say I am elated to have copy of it. Thanks a million for your hard work and look forward to being able to learn some more from you.

    Give me a day or two and you will have my feed back cause I’m about to be all over this system.

    7 years at this and still I find it hard to crack, hopefully your lessons will light the way from here.

    Best of all

  130. 130.
    j chaudhari says:

    Sir, Your ‘ Support very nice Thanks

  131. 131.
    Michael says:

    What a terrific system. Even the yellow arrows are excellent signals for scalping.

  132. 132.
    Bob says:

    A very calm and well constructed explanation, Dustin thank you I look forward to running the software

  133. 133.
    Phillip Robillard says:

    At first glance, it looks good.
    The proof is always in thr trial

    Thank You so much for the opportunity!


  134. 134.
    VIJAY says:

    very best insdicaters

  135. 135.
    Jean says:

    It is all working now! I had to open a new Demo account :)
    I found the user & password in the email you sent me.
    The only difference I see so far it that I don’t have a green/red big band across the bottom, only the most recent candles. Maybe that is because I just started it?
    Thank you for sharing and I’ll be interested to see how it works. I have been trading and studying for a few years, so I will let you know my results.
    Thank you again

  136. 136.
    Tom Thrasher says:

    Hoping this will help me!!

  137. 137.
    Chris says:

    Hello Dustin,
    This is the best real-time video, using a indicator strategy I have seen.
    Thank you.

  138. 138.
    Greg says:

    Wow Thanks so much..I have been floundering for some time with minimal progress…I think this will help someone like me trying to learn..

    I was curious as to what the yellow arrows are for..I never heard you say anything about them..

  139. 139.
    rogelio espinosa says:

    great, let me try it

  140. 140.
    oche69trader says:

    I think this a great option to try and will see is going well or not?and How long this software running for free?
    but Thanks anyway

  141. 141.
    Tony says:

    looks very interesting I hope it is as consistant as it suggests

  142. 142.
    Rod says:

    Thanks, Dustin, for giving us this opportunity to use this software which opened perfectly on my Axitrader-Metatrader platform.
    I’m very much looking forward to using it.
    Thanks also for the very good explanatory videos.
    Best regards

  143. 143.
    sandi says:

    I am updating my original FxBB per email. Do I need to have a new
    Password as well? I really thing this is going to be a profitable
    indicator. Thanks again for this opportunity.

  144. 144.
    Brian says:

    Hi Dustin, this system at first introduction looks like a breath of fresh air. After losing consistently for over three years I was just about to give forex away for good, quite frankly I’m fed up with it I don’t believe it is possible to make money on forex. However I have downloaded this system against my better judgement and what is revealed certainly makes sense. I’m going to give this scheme a go for a while and see how we go. So far I’m impressed, I hope I’m not dissapointed again. Regards Brian Walsh.

  145. 145.
    Peter Chipfakacha says:

    Have just downloaded it this looks great. Am regretting why I had to do it so late. Thanks for it.

  146. 146.
    Phillip Robillard says:

    I tried downloading the link for forex Black Book
    and I wasn’t able to access it afterwards… What am I doing WRONG!

  147. 147.
    Amador says:

    Thhis looks promising. I’m now hoping to be in the winning side

  148. 148.
    Giorgos says:

    It seems profitable .After two days I have been using it has shown only profits. Are you going to update it with a pop up alert as well?
    It would be nice if it could be used in smaller timeframes or as an EA so you don’t have to wait for a signal.
    Good work.
    Thank you very much.

  149. 149.
    Greg says:

    After only two days this has definitely added a new dimension to my trading strategy..I have noticed that sometimes the bottom band will sometimes be opposite of the actual trend but no matter I can incorporate that into a market specific behavior as I learn what it likes to tell me about the trends of given pairs..So far I give it an enthusiastic thumbs up Dustin

  150. 150.

    With what i saw in this video,this black book indicator is going to be fantastic and brings more profit. I say well done to you.

  151. 151.
    Ben says:

    Many thanks Dustin (and your team) for the FBB download and this video. In such a short time you have well covered some of important issues regarding the use of your software. I like the idea of 4 lots trading style: it gives some profit at each stage and let’s one hope to collect more. Great idea. Best regards.

  152. 152.
    Greg says:

    Well I’m on my 3rd winning trade in as many days…”I get it” an absolutely love this…In my opinion this gives any trader a definite advantage. I can now watch 17 different markets an have more trading opportunities just about every day if I want.

  153. 153.
    Mike says:

    Got it downloaded and all working…..I see that on some pairs there can be some massive drawdown if you go with the red or green band on the bottom…..think that’s a lot of pips for your stop if you did decide to take some of those trades……maybe you can enlighten me or show another video to see if I’m doing this or looking at it correctly……thanks

    Reply by admin

    drawdowns should be minimal. Take a look at the demo video. The link is in the sidebar.

  154. 154.
    Agus Nagaputra says:

    Very good.

  155. 155.
    Wilson says:

    First exposure to FxBB and looks very promising!

  156. 156.
    Carl Menako says:

    The Forex Black Book software is positively amazing! I have an interesting story to tell using it, and how it simply worked for me.

    The Story

    I have been learning technical analysis form Ross Mullins who posts “Your Daily Analysis” from his web-site and also on YouTube. I have seen his analysis for well over 8-months learning the ins – and – outs of clearly focused technical analysis. The man really knows his craft. Following with Ross’s Premium Expert Daily Analysis on Video daily he has skyrocketed my Forex trading. I just happen to turn to Mr. Mullins Daily Analysis video last week when I was introduced to DUSTIN PASS’S – The FOREX BLACK BOOK. I thought to myself could this be this just another indicator? Well, who is using Dustin’s Fx-BB is none other than ROSS MULLINS! He used Dustin’s Fx-BB software to augment his technical analysis which was simply amazing and superb. My jaw just dropped to the floor!

    I immediately started using Dustin’s Pass’s software – The Forex Black Book, Fx-BB! I requested access codes and was up and running in minutes. It’s all remarkably simple – just follow the Red (short) or Green (buy) or Yellow (caution direction Sell or Buy) arrows. Just like following a traffic light!

    I think I have learned a thing or two since trading for only slightly less than 3-years and have only “blown” my Fx- account once and; I am with a third-Fx broker. I went through the pain and disappointment from learning what it takes and makes a good FX – trader. I learned the essential elements, the basic skills necessary to becoming a (straight arrow = disciplined) FX – Trader. Learning the ins – and – outs about; market information and about how to make “good” trading decisions. I am still working on that one. I mastered the technicalities of the MT4 platform. And the third concept is critical: Discipline practiced 100% of the time on every trade, everyday with no exceptions or exemptions totally non-flexible attitude.

    Dustin’s Pass’s FX-BB software will spare you the pain and disappointment that I went through as well as have fun learning and earning as well as becoming a good FX – trader as time passes.

    I ABSOLUTELY NEED THIS SOFTWARE! It simply works! I followed the directions and made several trades utilizing the information presented to me. I took a trade with GBP/JPN yielding $42.20 trading a 0.04 mini-lot. Later I traded EUR/USD again a mini-lot of 0.04 size yielding a tidy profit of $67.57. I am sold!

    I sincerely followed the example of Ross Mullins using Dustin’s Fx-BB software. I followed Dustin Pass’s software instructions. I simply made money. I only wish I had learned about this software – two years and $2,000 ago.

    Thank you. Thank you.

  157. 157.
    Eme Charles says:

    The software is superb and awesome

  158. 158.
    Kevin Coomes says:

    This strategy is awesome for helping you make gains and learning how the market works without the expense of going inn blind. I believe this can help anyone achieve their goals and expectations without getting burned. Looking forward to seeing more wins with the experience. Thank you for your support.

  159. 159.
    marc asriel says:

    Its a wonderful program, i have been a follower of his for several years now.

  160. 160.
    Gert says:

    Dear Dustin,

    After six years of forex trading I have not seen such a complete system as FXBB. As a standalone and / or combining it with the bank order flow data it’s clearly a deadly system! I have been making good pips following it. I truly hope I will be the lucky winner. I have been waiting and searching too long for what you are offering here :) Thanks you for sharing.

  161. 161.
    Jacques says:

    I like it very much. Finally, the Forex Black Book is a product that dots the ‘I’s and crosses the ‘T’s, is easy to use and produces tangible results from the moment one starts using it.
    A definite confidence booster for one who was reluctant (afraid) to enter the Forex market. I can now feel comfortable entering a trade, monitor the results helping me to analyse and understand the processes as they occur – my first trade USD/CHF yielded nearly $300 at my first take profit level.
    Following your advice from the videos, I can finally manage my trade with a sense of knowing that I have taken the first steps to reach/achieve my goals.
    Thank you.

  162. 162.
    Frank says:

    Downloaded FxBB and took two trades based on the Indicators. Both in profit. Works very well….

  163. 163.
    burny says:

    using it since a week and it works fine. 75% profit!!!

  164. 164.
    Vivek says:

    Awesome System: Took profits of 110, 100 and 70 pips on 3 majors and counting. Feels like winning the Derby before the race finishes. Eagerly awaiting the full version to exploit the exponential accuracy of trade signals.

  165. 165.
    King says:

    Hi Dustin, @ the close of NY earlier today finished my first week of trading this system live. (I traded demo last week.)
    Let me first say I was profitable!! I was already short the e/u & confidently scaled up my position. I closed that trade @ +115 pips. Went long on the cad, which ranged thou the week until Friday mornings fundy’s. The patience payed off… +65. Took some on cable, aud & kiwi. I trade 2 mini’s per trade taking almost +250 pips. I love trading on this larger time frame always knowing the rewards are greater but never making it work. NOW I HAVE!!!.
    The confidence building is immeasurable. I trade a trust account for a client. If they don’t make money… I don’t make money.

    Thank you!

  166. 166.
    Christian says:

    My friend and I tried Forex Black Book for almost a week and love the signals we are getting. Throw in proper position management and the results have us popping out of our seats! We plan to put it into full use next week. Thanks!

  167. 167.
    Nanak Mehta says:


    I am a tax consultant(CPA) for large corporations.
    Forex Black Book(FXBB) is very powerful. 8 out 9 trades in real account resulted in 1728 PIP profit. I was banking on my 401K, IRAs for retirement but they have significantly reduced to levels which has added many more years before I can retire. I AM CONVINCED THAT FXBB IS ABSOLUTELY A MUST HAVE for any one who wants to simply take trades without going through complicated indicators upon indicators and so forth. I recently started trading using a system and feel very fortunate to come across FXBB. I am sure many people will benefit from this.

    Oh more importantly, I strongly feel that higher purpose in life for me was to donate 10% of my trading income to St. Jude (Cancer Research Institute for Children) will be achieved with the kind of trading results I mentioned above. Please keep up the good work Dustin. Cannot thank you enough.

  168. 168.
    william says:

    Lipstick on a pig. I am dishearten to tell the audience that This black hox system is one of the only in your face frauds I personally have witnessed and to even worsen matters is when I send for assistance I get bullshit hack from some stupid dude who couldn’t think his way out of a wet paper bag.

  169. 169.
    SALVADOR DeLaRosa says:

    After giving up on the forex market, because of so many scam products for sale, forexblackbook has given me renewed interest in the forex market. Finally a genuine product from reputable traders has come to the forex market, not only do I need the forexblackbook
    but everyone New and veteran to forex needs it.


  170. 170.
    Pete says:

    Is there a way to dupe MT4 to make candles at the 9AM-1PM-5PM-9PM-1AM-5AM times? Mine forms them at 8-12-4.

    I think that would be a difference in the formations I’ve received this week.
    Exponential Moving averages of 3-30-120 and taking trades at the 3-30 crossover did better than the green and red arrows.


    Reply by Pete

    P.S. With that said, I do believe it would be a fantastic tool to use with the moving averages. Allow me to explain, for even with FXBB giving me 3 to 4 false green or 3 to 4 false red arrows prior to the 3-30 crossover, those moves were long runs after the crossover. I plan on using it this way for it did make me money this week in my demo account. I’m still in a few long trades that the yellow arrows allow me to add positions to. With that said, it has made trading more interesting and helping me consistently stay in long trades for more pips.

    I would absolutely enjoy having this package. It provides for me better and more consistent reversal signals and that is what we all desire. I could show you screen shots of what I mean if you would email me.

    Thanks for the trial run.

    ~ Pete

  171. 171.
    Peter McCallion says:

    The Black Book software is terrific – best I have seen. Wish I had it longer so I could report all the $ I have been making but I have only had it a few days and have been demo trading with it. This software fits exactly the type of trading I want to do – not being tied to the computer hour after hour. Just set your trade and visit back when you want. Your videos have been spot on and very informational. I am looking forward to great long term success from this and look forward to an opportunity to add Bank Flow to my arsenal!

  172. 172.
    Stanly Marintchev says:

    I think it is good system!Will work very good !Is the best system on the marke ,I ever tryed!Thank you!

  173. 173.
    Nicholas Lovelady says:

    I cant say enough about this system. I’ve been trading forex for about two years, trying to learn more every free moment I get. However I was quite ready to call it quits as I always seemed to enter on the wrong side of the trade, was losing a lot of money and not having any time for my family. I’m really happy to say that with the trial of this software, the larger time frames have given me more time away from the computer and with my family and happily, more often than not, on the right side of the trade thanks to knowing what the big banks are thinking. Much appreciated Dustin.

  174. 174.
    Zohaib says:

    I am an Elliott Wave Theory Practitioner. Often times I used to miss the nice trading opportunity and have been experiencing the late entries and above all the wrong entries.
    The Forex Black Book has made sure that I enter the trades according to the Elliott Waves and I am never late and I am never in the wrong direction. I have never hit a stop loss since the day I have ForexBB on my charts.
    It has therefore become the most important ingredient of my trading.

  175. 175.
    Laksana Tedja says:

    This is an amazing tool. In just 2 days using demo account I have made a profit of USD 1500. This will surely be a great, precise & usefull tool for making winning trades in the forex trading.

  176. 176.
    Holger says:

    Been a hopeless loser in Forex until I startedd with Black Book. My main problem has always been to hold on to a trade to make a nice profit. With Black Book I feel comfident to hold and take the first profit and possibility to lock in further profits. It´s a great pleasure to trade when you have the confidence Black Book gives you.

  177. 177.
    Jeff Kay says:

    I have spent thousands of dollars on other products promising success, only to be disappointed by their performance. Black Book started making profits right out of the shoot and shows promise to perform with consistent winning trades.

  178. 178.
    Ricky says:

    This is the only software that I have seen which gives important guides as to buying or selling. The Green and Red bands at the bottom and the Green and Red arrows – what else can one ask for?

    For me, the time frame of 4 hour is some what long. If the time frame could be computed for lesser hours, this could be the top winner. I am sure, there must be plans to cater for this, but I am just voicing my views.

    Good luck and best wishes to Dustin. and all hie assistants, the effort that has gone in perfecting this, you all deserve sincere congratulations. The help desk is also just totally efficient . This for me, a toddler, is WOW.

  179. 179.
    ARTURO says:

    Excellent explanations of how the system works. I´m going to do a try following the system. I have a lot of expectations on it

  180. 180.
    joseph benjamin says:

    I thank you very much, it is a best signal i have ever seen since i have been coming across indicator thank u

  181. 181.
    Marvin Doriot says:

    Has certainly performed AMAZING over the last month and definitely worth $2000 if it can keep up its amazing performance. Overall, the psychology behind the system seems very solid….what are appropriate stop losses for this system?

  182. 182.
    joe says:

    I have been testing your BLACK BOOK system for only a few days and I think that it is not only one of the best systems but it is also one of the simplest systems that I have come across especially for new traders. I have been in forex for 4 years and have gone through a lot of B S systems but nothing as good as the Black Book method. I am sure that when you release the complete Black Book system that it will sell out fast. You do not know how many traders that this system will help, not only financially but also mentally to now have a system that will work for them and is so easy to understand. I know that I would purchase the Black Book method but I had to take most of my money out of my forex account because of Hurricane Sandy that hit where I live because so far no one has received any financial aid yet. At least nobody here lost their life so we are grateful for that. I have said it before but you guys have done a terrific job creating this system and I don’t think that you realize what you have accomplished and the people that you have given so much hope to.Thank you again and God bless you.

  183. 183.
    Giorgos says:

    This is far the most accurate system I ever used the last 2 years.
    I have been using it for 3 days never lost one trade.

    Thank you Dustin.

    P.S How do we get the version with the pop up alerts?

  184. 184.
    Carol says:

    One of the biggest surprises for me was how easy it was to download and instal, obviously the instruction video made it possible.

    When I saw how the system worked, I was intrigued. It has a very simple approach with a big impact that I feel would appeal to all level of traders.

    The Black Book system has been very well thought through and is the achievement of its creature, so well done Dustin.

  185. 185.
    Trevor says:

    Downloaded your software last week. took my first trade thursday eveving a buy trade on GBP USD up 90 pips and still in the trade. Very impressed.

  186. 186.
    Greg says:

    Ive already put in a few comments and this Black Book is “Perfect” for me an far exceeds what I had hoped for, Its a longer term strategy with the 4 hr charts which really opens up a lot more markets I can watch with it an learn how the software reacts to each one as they all seem to have different characteristic’s. Im an older guy working 50-60 hrs a week an I have no life..All I do is work. I knew if I could ever break the code of forex to make some real money I could do some things on my bucket list before Im too decrepit to do anything. Ive tried all sorts of touted forex winners only to find out time after time I got a lemon and few less dollars to my name..To get a free copy of this would truly be an honor and a blessing..I hope I get picked but if not I will try to figure out how to pay for it..I think its the holy grail Ive been looking for.
    Thanks so much for letting me try it Dustin
    Take care

  187. 187.
    Peter Chipfakacha says:

    After using it for a few times this is the right software for us beginners, you can grow with it

  188. 188.
    ikalamo godspower says:

    i have tried for some days. it good for intra week trading.it can give many pips per trade.i like it very much.
    thanks for your kindness to share your hard work with the public.

  189. 189.
    sandi says:

    I have been using your indicator and it is very easy to follow. I think that it is going to be very profitable. I am looking forward to the webiar, I do have a few questions.

  190. 190.
    john says:

    wow; its awesome

  191. 191.
    Anthony says:

    I hope I am not late to comment on the scholarship programme. FXBB is a software that can restore confidence with loads of assuring ingredients like the market flow data. With FXBB, I will flow with the trend without bias, no guess work and most assuredly holding a position as long as the trend is on. In well defind entry, I have made 970pips in weeks from currency pairs of EURNZD, EURCAD, EurJPY and GBPJPY which never before was a daunting task for me using other clumsy softwares. I have deleted all non-performing softwares in my trading tool. FXBB has made me to overcome fear of entry and moreover, profit targets are well defind. This is awesome. FXBB is the crystal clear software to use in this volatile market that offer lots of opportunities. I found the following with FxBB

    1) Follow the trend
    2) Enter trade
    3) Ride to defind profit targets with Stop loss defind.
    4) Position managment
    5) Stress/fear eliminated in any trade.

    The above is why i want FXBB

    I would love to be included in the scholarship offer.

  192. 192.
    Charles says:

    Thank you for your emails. Imbedded in the webinar discussions are a number of golden nuggets, (remember the USD/CAD big loser trade, etc.), of FX wisdom that can’t help but improve one’s trading.

    Thank you!


  193. 193.
    sati says:

    Thank you , i will try and test it .

  194. 194.
    LKT says:

    Hi Dustin,

    What is the best way in determining pairs which can move a lot? I am looking for scientific method instead of eye balling. Any MT4 indicator can help to do the job? I think AUDCAD and AUDCHF move quite nicely as well? Do you recommend to apply FxBB to all pairs or just selective few? What are the top 10 pairs which work best for you from your experience?


    Reply by Aimee

    Determining pairs that move a lot can be done using ADR indicator. This is just one of many ways. ADR is average daily range. Make sure to join our webinar and Dustin will discuss which pairs to use etc.

  195. 195.
    trevor says:

    Hi Guys
    Watching the video I noticed that on some of your live trades the Red/Green bar at the bottom of the screen sometimes had FTD_Trend & some had FXBB Trend on
    What’s the difference if any?

    Reply by Aimee

    The indicator is the same some videos were just taken with an internal version that has some testing features built in to it.

  196. 196.


  197. 197.
    bee mark says:

    Wow! Very concise! a good video and to the point!
    Most vids are a waste of time, yours really spoke to the point!

    I also tend to “speed” candle formations (based on ones displayed beforehand) so your “instant” signal is refreshing and VERY useful!
    Thank you so much for your gift(s!)…

    oh…BTW – and on a 4 hour time frame, too!…That is the best way I have found so far to avoid “broker hi-jinks” (market manipulations) when using the smaller times!

    Kindest Regards,

  198. 198.
    Ron says:

    Is this recommended for people with a day job and who can’t monitor their trades during tis time?

    Reply by Aimee

    Yes, this is a long term strategy so it is great for those with a day job.

  199. 199.
    Andrew Sippy says:

    Hi there, I am a newbie to Forex.What I most liked about this Video is the relaxed style in which it is presented. I don’t know enough about all of Forex, but I do know something really genuinely creative when I see it. I am going to follow you very closely because I really like your friendly style. Technically it is also very informative.It does seem to be on a small scale,maybe that’s what is intended.I would like to thank you for showing this video and for the FBB Software,provided to me. I look forward to seeing and understanding this really good opportunity,and sharing it with folks everywhere. Thanks again. Andrew

  200. 200.
    Paul says:

    looks interesting like the longer term trades

  201. 201.
    Amda Williams says:

    This is a stress-free trading system suitable for all classes of traders. Great system Dustin! I look up to making a killing with this trading system. Thanks a million for sharing this one!!

  202. 202.
    vincent says:

    It looks so simple to trade and does not require much time to study when to make an entry.Great to know that the entry arrow does not repaint and do not need the candle stick to end.

  203. 203.
    Crispian says:

    I’m keen to try it out but having downloaded it and gone through the wizard I don’t find it on my MT4 platform. I have no idea what I haven’t done right. Can you help please?


  204. 204.
    Crispian says:

    I’ve listened to your video several times but you go through the installation program so fast I can’t see what to do. Could you send me clear and comprehensive instructions please?
    Half my problem is my lack of computer skills.

  205. 205.
    ravi says:

    Very simple, neat template & we can trade withis system confidently.

    thanks for free download.

  206. 206.
    azim says:

    first congrats..!!!! u have done a good job…its very use for new traders and a good long time trade…
    keep it up..
    and thanks guys …

  207. 207.
    mohamed says:

    I want to ask about how much days the trial version remains active on the computer .

    Thank you for helping.

  208. 208.
    Rex says:

    Hi Dustin,

    Thank you for sharing this.

    Would like to seek clarification on the different shades of red and green band at the FXBB trend.

    What does it signify when the band is in a darker shade of green/red and lighter shade of green/red?

    Looking forward to your advice.

  209. 209.
    Mohamed says:

    how can I download forex black book on metatrader4 build 600?